Our cloud and and it’s rammed earth lining

Building your own home lesson #1 is don’t assume the architect will design something in your budget.
Everyone tells you that, which is why you go to great lengths to impress on your architect that you have a limited budget and constantly double-check the ideas are feasible…
… when two builders decline to quote and another one’s quote is 80% more than your budget it’s probably time to move on.

So we did.

Best thing about the whole rather expensive lesson is that we realised one of the original ideas was actually worth looking into more closely (we’d moved away from it thinking costs would be prohibitive).

Delighted that we’re now well down the track working with Paul at Terra Firma and hope to have a home made of rammed earth.

This is the real-deal as far as being an eco-buliding method and Paul’s certainly got the credentials and the passion.

So we’re on our way, with a new design and a home that will be quite different in feel and build from the first idea – but still have the simple lines and open plan elements we like so much.
Rammed Earth house plan

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